Sharing My Loss

I struggled with whether to write this, but I wanted to let my friends, coworkers, and peers know what has been going on in my life.

On December 26, I gave birth to my son, Dante Antonio Aguad, and had to say goodbye to him when he passed away twelve hours later.

I had complications early in the pregnancy, and I spent weeks working from the hospital. I had hoped I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to him, and my love for him was beyond words.

I have always tried to be a conscientious and engaged person, and I wanted to post to explain why I may need your compassion in the future.

I am not looking for sympathy so much as understanding, since I have not been fully present at work, in my volunteering, or online. I am looking forward to returning soon, but I know I will need grace as I adjust.

If you are someone I work or volunteer with, I know you are kind people who will want to express how you care.

Please do your best to not bring up my loss in a meeting or on a call. While I do appreciate your sympathy, hearing those words often causes me to be overwhelmed with grief making it hard to work.

Please do feel free to email or message me. I read all of the thoughtful messages even if I don’t always have the emotional strength to respond to them.

Know that I am doing my best. This kind of grief changes you, and I know that in this early stage I am still working to find a new normal.

My son Dante was dearly loved, and the loss is profound.

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